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Visual Motivations™ is the worlds leading retail advertising, merchandising, and marketing platform. With more than 17 years experience in digital and visual merchandising, we manage some of the largest-scale digital networks worldwide.

With merchandising programs in place in more than 40,000 locations across 5 continents we have developed many winning formula's leveraging the value of your greatest retailing asset: Your customer visits.

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Reach 52 million households from coast to coast weekly - The WSA is the industry's leading professional snowmobiling racing network.
WSA, Hill-Climb, Hill-Drags & Xtreme-Ice snowmobile racing network

A New Media Kit - An even easier way for you to advertise
On-Premise Spirit & Beverage

More effective and memorable marketing from more dynamic messaging

Rapid, consecutive messaging communicates more messages per customer visit

Focused message targeting by site, zone, day of the week, and time of day

Speed to market time-sensitive information can be updated instantly

100% compliance with digital signage

Reducing perceived wait time through compelling messaging in dwell and wait areas

More affordable than traditional P.O.S. communications options

The first step in launching a network is developing your "DMP", Digital Marketing Platform, a fact-based framework for understanding the day-to-day activities and opportunities within each site of the network. Once your "DMP" has been established we then develop your innovative, feature-rich solutions showing you how to apply the power of digital marketing to your store network.